United States Rescued with Foreign Aid from Baby Formula Shortage

Usually it is the United States that is sending in supplies to other countries, but to the world's surprise it is the U.S that is now receiving aid.

According to ABC News as much as 43% of baby formula was out of stock in the U.S. Due to the shortage, the U.S had to receive about 75,000 pounds of formula from Germany. This is the first shipment of formula and is called "Operation Fly Formula." The typical process to receive foreign aid is about two weeks, but this operation was completed in three days.

The formula shortage was caused after 4 babies fell ill to a bacterial disease after they ingested the formula, with two of them dying. Major brands of formula makers voluntarily shutdown manufacturing to identify the areas of concern.

The coming food shortage and formula shortage has people panicking. People all over are clearing shelves of baby formula to make sure they have enough for their babies. This type of panic buying causes others to be without.

“You just cleared the whole shelf of all of this formula,” she can be heard saying. “You have a whole cart. Look at this, look at all this. Look at the shelves”
Guyer said she started recording after she asked the woman for one bottle of formula but was turned down. The woman argues, “This is for my baby.” (Yahoo News)

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