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Human Tongue Licker For Cats

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

cat tongue brush

Attention all cat lovers! Are you tired of constantly being covered in cat hair and saliva after giving your furry friend a good old fashioned grooming session? Well, fear not, because the Tongue Licker For Cats is here to revolutionize your cat grooming experience! I'm not sure if this is real or just just a novelty, but this wacky invention claims to mimic the rough texture of a cat's tongue, allowing you to lick your cat clean like a pro. But does it actually work? Let's find out in this odd and funny Amazon reviews!

Cat Tongue Brush Reviews

cat tongue licker

"Gave this to my father in law for Christmas. He started grooming the cat and the whole family was ROARING with laughter! So fun."

cat tongue brush

"My cats love it! They are sit around around me to wait for their turns!"

cat licker tongue brush

"Works good as brush but my cat will NOT let me come at him with this thing in my mouth."

cat brush

"My bestie is a cat lady. We've joked about this item for awhile. But no joke, her kitties do love this and so does she.

Great gift for the crazy cat people in your life!"

cat tongue brush

"This cat tongue brush is a silly gift that is more for a fun joke rather than a serious item in my opinion.

The tongue is nice quality and my cats do like being brushed with it but it fits awkwardly in my mouth and it’s hard to maneuver with it as it’s big. My cats were freaked out when I came towards them with this in my mouth, it was funny but I’ll definitely be sticking to just brushing.

Overall this is a funny gift for anyone that loves cats, and it’s good as just a cat brush."

How does the tongue licker brush work?

The brush is essentially just a large tongue shaped brush that you can put in your mouth to brush your cat. How it works is you put one end in your mouth and while the "Licki" device sticks out, you just move your head in a brushing motion to mimic how a cat would lick itself or another feline friend.

Where can I buy the cat tongue licker?

You can buy the Licki device with the button down below. It is sold on Amazon and is currently 32% off at $16.95. I'd say that's a pretty cheap price while saving yourself from getting hairballs!

To be honest, we're not quite sure if the Tongue Licker For Cats is a serious grooming tool or just a hilarious gag gift. But based on the numerous positive reviews and satisfied customers, it seems that people are really using and enjoying this quirky invention.

Whether you're looking for a new and fun way to groom your cat, or simply want to add a conversation starter to your collection of bizarre gadgets, the Tongue Licker cat brush is definitely worth a try.

So go ahead and embrace the weirdness, add the Tongue Licker to your cart, and let the grooming adventures begin! Just be prepared for some strange looks from your cat (and possibly your house guests).

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Here are some notable reviews:

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