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Bic Pens For Her Funny Reviews

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Bic Pens For Her Funny Reviews

Ready for some laughs? These pens are made for women, but we don't discriminate. Both men and women (and cats) can read these Bic For Her funny reviews.

Before you get too excited and want to go buy your own, know that they have been discontinued. Don't worry, we came up with our own prototype. Leave us some comments to give us ideas on how to improve it!

Bic Pens For Her Funny Reviews

funny bic pen reviews

"I bought these pens for my wife based on the glowing reviews, but now she doesn't need me anymore. These pens have fulfilled her every need (yes, that one too...) Men, don't buy these pens if you want to keep your woman."

bic pens for her

"I love BIC Cristal for Her! The delicate shape and pretty pastel colors make it perfect for writing recipe cards, checks to my psychologist (I'm seeing him for a case of the hysterics), and tracking my monthly cycle. Obviously, I don't use it for vulgar endeavors like math or filling out a voter application, but BIC Cristal for Her is a lovely little writing utensil all the same. Ask your husband for some extra pocket money so you can buy one today!"

pens for women review

"All of the ladies in my office are so thankful that Bic came out with pens for her! Before, we were hardly able to get any work done, because those bulky, dark and dreary pens were depressing us. You know how women get! The melancholy and mood swings have dramatically decreased and we are finally able to take notes for the men who run this place. Thank you Bic!"

funny bic pens for her review

My wife has struggled with man pens all her life. Try as she might, they always wrestle her down and she has to surrender using them, unless writing on a notepad for her macho employer. We have been hoping she could take over keeping the checkbook (PLEASE! No laughter! She is very capable of writing what I tell her in the ledger.)

With Bic for Her, she now has the confidence, and proper fit, in her ball pen to write and do the things a woman should. Just yesterday, with her bridge club meeting, ALL the girls could keep score since she loaned them each one of the pens. The women all told her they felt so empowered, that they would serve dinner FIVE MINUTES LATE!!! My wife's best friend, Betty Sue, even insists her husband will have to tuck his OWN napkin in tonight.

funny amazon reviews

"Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed a pen that I can use all month long! I use it when I'm swimming, riding a horse, walking on the beach and doing yoga. It's comfortable, leak-proof, non-slip and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty! Since I've begun using these pens, men have found me more attractive and approchable.

It has given me soft skin and manageable hair and it has really given me the self-esteem I needed to start a book club and flirt with the bag-boy at my local market. My drawings of kittens and ponies have improved, and now that I'm writing my last name hyphenated with Robert Pattinson's last name, I really believe he may some day marry me! I'm positively giddy. Those smart men in marketing have come up with a pen that my lady parts can really identify with."

funny product reviews

"I homeschool my 16 year daughter, and she has been begging me to teach her to write for several years now. She sees her little brother doing it and she wants to be just like him. It's so cute. First I checked with my local and state authorities to make sure it is legal for females to write in my area. They confirmed that while it isn't encouraged, it is indeed legal. They warned me about what I was getting myself into and sent me some very helpful instructional pamphlets. My first step was to find pens, so I thought I'd try these given the very positive Amazon reviews men have written on behalf of women.

Update 1: After three weeks my daughter was able to open the packaging.

Update 2: Despite my showing her about 200 times, she still can't get the caps off.

Update 3: Contacted Amazon about returning these, but since my daughter chewed up all the caps trying to open them with her teeth, they cannot be returned.

These are a total waste for girls. They might be good for an effeminate man/boy.".

Now that you've read these funny Bic for her pen reviews, you probably want to get some for yourself right? Well, sorry to disappoint you. They are now discontinued. Bic must have been embarrassed and decided to call it off.

However, with enough comments and likes, maybe I will come up with my own "Pens for Women" product to sell on Amazon! Look at my prototype below...

bic pens for her funny reviews

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Leave me a comment to give me ideas on the new and improved "Pens, Only For Women" by 5 Minutes Reviews product launch!

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