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Review of Amazon Caskets [Funny]

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Review of Amazon caskets

Ready for another laugh? Maybe only if you have a dark sense of humor. We gathered some of the funniest reviews of Amazon caskets. Check them out and be sure to leave a comment of some other funny reviews you've seen lately.

Funny Reviews of Amazon Caskets

funny casket review

"No complaints from Grandpa."

Amazon casket reviews

"When we opened it a black figure flew out and bolted out the window like a deatheater. It had a sinister laugh as it flew off into the night. But if that wasn’t enough, when we put my uncle inside it got real weird. Now, he was a sinner. He’d drop a stinky land mine in the women’s restroom just to make them even. He’d fire paintballs at people digging through our recycling. Point is, I can’t say if it was the coffin caused it, but it’s awfully suspicious that he burst into flames when we closed the lid. 5 stars cause it cremated him for free and we got our deposit back on the burial."

funny amazon casket reviews

"My granny complained about almost everything. Water with lemon? Too much citrus. Water without lemon? Too plain. Below 87 degrees Fahrenheit inside? Way too cold. Collard greens without a ham bone? Be ashamed. Even in her last and most vulnerable days as her demeanor softened and her inflection became fine tuned, she still managed to think kids with tattoos were working for satan himself. But you’ll be glad to know that with the purchase of this casket, all the complaining has stopped. I assume this is so comfortable and wonderful made, there is quite literally nothing more to complain about. For peace of mind and quiet, I highly recommend this comfortable napping capsule. It gets rid of all the complaints (or muffled them). If only we would have gotten this ten years ago I may still have been in the will."

best amazon caskets

"Great Christmas present for my ex girlfriend."

bad casket reviews

"I picked this one after I died because it looked comfy. It’s super comfy and I can finally get a good nights rest being dead in this thing."

It looks like these are popular! As of the time of writing this they are sold out. This casket is no longer available, but you can get a similar one with the button below.

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