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Hulk Hands

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Hulk Hands

Everyone knows who the Incredible Hulk is. He's the normal scientist that turns into a muscle bound green monster when he gets angry. His shirt starts to tear and he grows 10 times his normal size, but with muscles. Now you can become the hulk with these hulk smash hands and without having to go to anger management classes!

Check out these Hulk Hands reviews from Amazon. Please read them all, you will not be disappointed! Although, you might be disappointed if you try to use them against bullies like the person who wrote this first review.

Hulk Smash Hands Review

We searched through all of Amazon's Hulk Hands reviews and found the best hilarious reviews that you can use to judge whether you want to buy them for yourself.

Critical Review

Hulk Hands Review

I got these in the mail (it was the only present I wanted) and wanted to use them immediately. Y'see, every day when I walk to school these two guys named Ronald and Chester push me on the ground and call me names and say I'm no good. Then they always rip up my homework and take every single one of my pens and pencils away. One time they made me eat a whole pencil and my mouth was bleeding for two days. If I say stop they punch me in the tummy. I have to borrow a pen in class and the teacher always says "ETCHISON! WHY AIN'T YOU GOT A PEN? THIS IS SCHOOL! WHERE'D YOU THINK YOU WERE COMING TODAY?" Every day. So when I got the Hulk hands I decided to take matters into my own (or should I say Hulk's) hands. I walked to school with these on, hidden behind my back. When the two guys came up to me I pulled em out and said, "I THINK TWO BUTTMUNCHES OWE THIS GUY SOME PENCILS!" I started waving my hands in windmill style punches and I hit Ronald in the chest but then Chester stabbed me in the leg with a knife and they ran off. Now I'm in the hospital because I didn't tell anyone for too long and it got infected. My parents are really mad at me. I hate College.

funny hulk hands review

"My dad has been on me for a while calling me names, that I am lazy etc... So I decided to buy some Hulk hands to straighten him out and teach him some respect. They looked awesome when I got them out of the box, very realistic. I couldn't wait for the old man to start in on me so I could take him to school. I didn't have long to wait as when my dad got home from work he was all like "your not gonna sit in front of that tv all night playing videos games you lazy bas#$d". I just smiled and went to my room to retrieve my Hulk Hands. I came back out and said "Uh-oh, looks like someone angered the wrong person and is about to get smashed".

My dad was taken aback for a second and then I could see the rage start to creep into his face. I figured now was the time to deliver the Hulk Smash. I yelled at the top of my voice "Schools in session old timer, prepare to be smashed" as I jumped up in the air and dropped wto hulk hands onto the old mans head. Not only did it hurt both of my hands, my dad was not visibly bother by my two handed blow. He immediately grabbed me by my throat, pulled my pants down and beat me with his belt. These hands don't really work that good. I think they are just rubber. Now dad says I have to move out before my 34th birthday....thanks a lot amazon, your hulk hands stink!!"

Positive Review

Hulk Smash Hands review

hulk smash hands

Hulk Hands Consensus

amazon hulk hands

Looking at the overall rating of the Hulk Smash Hands, there are more positive reviews than negative. Judging by the comments these Hulk Hands seem pretty fun and can liven up any crowd. Just make sure you don't confront your buttmunch childhood bullies with them. You may just end up in the hospital.

The overall consensus of the Hulk Hands is a BUY. Head over to Amazon if you are looking to purchase them.

We did see that the original Hulk Smash Hands were sold out at the time this article was published. You can purchase similar Hands here. They aren't made by Hasbro, but they do look similar in quality. These ones have over 1400 reviews with over 86% of them being 5 star. They don't make sounds or flashes and do not require batteries, like the original Hasbro product.

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