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Throwing Axe Amazon

Throwing Axe Amazon

Are you preparing for the end or are you just trying to impress that girl at the bar? Yeah, we know... She only talks to the guys with the best throwing axe! That's why you're here, right? You're sick of getting disapproving looks from ole Bertha and you're ready to step it up! You see the title is Throwing Axe Amazon, it should be called throwing axe amazing! This thing has over 2,200 five star reviews and is sure to turn any girls head.

Throwing Axe Amazon Review

We searched the internet for the best throwing axe so you can get ole Bertha's attention at the bar. Let me tell you about the best throwing axe on Amazon. This thing is a black, stainless steel killing device that coms in at 15.75 x 8.25 x 0.83 inches at a staggering 24 ounces.

Throwing Axe Amazon review

Check out these individual ratings according to weight ergonomics and craftsmanship. You know ole Bertha would be proud to date a man with axe ratings such as these!

We rifled through the Amazon reviews to find the most accurate positive and critical review so you could make the best decision that even your mom would be proud of. Don't worry, she will let you back in the house after you show her this thing!

Critical Review

throwing axe amazon review

throwing axe amazon

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Positive Review

amazon throwing axe

throwing axe amazon

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Throwing Axe Amazon Consensus

Best Amazon throwing axe

Listen, we know what you're thinking. How could you bring this Chinese throwing axe back to mommas house. Especially since that's why she kicked you out in the first place. #1, what momma doesn't know won't hurt her. #2, even if she does find out, she will be so proud that you won ole Bertha over that she'll forget all about it.

Consensus tells us that this throwing axe is pretty dang awesome and well worth the $50 you're going to spend. It's a Buy.

Oh yeah, and for all you haters out there that are saying ole Bertha will know it's made in China and will never date you. That's just ridiculous! Bertha will never know! The only thing she knows is what true craftsmanship and quality looks like. The only way she will know it's from China, is if you tell her!

She will take one look at this thing and fall right into your arms. You could probably even skip the small talk and bring her straight home to momma. I am that confident in this. If for whatever reason I am wrong, then forget Bertha, you can do better than her! At least you have your amazing throwing axe.

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