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U.S & South Korea Launch 8 Missiles in Response to North Korea

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

According to CNN "North Korea fired eight short-range ballistic missiles from multiple sites in the country into waters east of the Korean peninsula on Sunday." In response to this the U.S and South Korea launched 8 of their own missiles into the same region.

Each country is merely using the missiles as a show of force and are only landing in the ocean. They are not directly targeting anything in particular. The concern however is that North Korea is planning on conducting another underground nuclear test. "If North Korea conducts a test, it would be the country's seventh underground nuclear test and the first in nearly five years" (CNN).

Many people don't know, but their are different types of nuclear weapons. Their are nuclear weapons that are intended to cause severe physical damage like an ordinary bomb or explosive device. Their is also a nuclear device that is designed not to cause explosive damage, but damage through electromagnetic waves.

Russia, Iran, U.S, and North Korea have nuclear weapons that can be set off high in the altitude that can cause an electromagnetic pulse that can render electronics useless. This would make most vehicles and many weapons useless, which would leave us highly unprotected. These weapons are called High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse weapons (HEMP).

These types of weapons can only be defensed by specialized electronic equipment such as the EMP Shield. These devices are designed to shunt all excess electricity before it has enough time to destroy the electronics. You can get the for personal use or be used with high powered equipment as well.

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See What Will Work After a Nuclear EMP Attack or take this EMP quiz to see if you would be protected agaist an EMP strike.

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