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India Adds to the Global Food Shortage

There is no argument that the world is heading towards a global food shortage. The Russia and Ukraine war has led to a massive decrease in the worlds wheat and fertilizer supply. Now India is adding to the problem too.

According to the Economic Times, India is having record-breaking heat waves that are decreasing the yield of the wheat crops. India made the decision to keep all of its wheat supply in house instead of selling part of their shares to other countries.

India is the 8th top exporter of wheat, with Russia at the top. Their decision to stop importing wheat will have a major shock to the global food supply.

India Wheat shortage

According to the Hindustan Times, wheat prices soared to a record 6% increase after the government announced it would ban all wheat exports. India was expecting to export a large supply to help out the global crisis due to the Russian war, but the record heat waves made them unable to fulfil.

How to Prepare

Many people are flocking to emergency food supply sources to stock up before the panic sets in and depletes the reserves. Many emergency food supplies had sold out over the food shortage from COVID, but that was only a shortage because of panic-buying. The coming food shortage is actually real and not because of manic buying.

You can prepare by slowly buying more canned goods when at the store and by purchasing emergency food rations. Slowly stocking up is the best way to prepare without causing manic buying like what happened when COVID lockdowns started happening.


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