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Russia Uses Electromagnetic Weapons Against Ukraine

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Russia HEMP

According to The Defense Post, Russia "used an advanced electromagnetic weapon for the first time to neutralize Ukrainian drones." The weapon is used as easily as you would push a button. This electromagnetic weapon simply jams the signal of the drone to the operator. Once this happens the drone is forced to crash into the ground.

This type of electronics are not new as they have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan for years. American Humvees were equipped with a jammer that would constantly be running in case their was a cell phone or wireless detonation device that would set off an improvised explosive device (IED). I was in the Iraq war and was grateful for this technology everyday as we patrolled the streets near Al Qaim and Fallujah.

The real question is how far will Russia go with their technology? If they use these jammers to stop drones, will they use devices that can cause an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)? Russia has nuclear weapons that are designed not to cause physical damage, but damage of electronics from an EMP. They are called High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse weapons (HEMP).

Since these weapons are similar to the end result of the jammers - stop electronics from working, what is stopping Russia from using them? It is almost impossible to predict President Vladimir Putin considering all that has happened in the war with Ukraine. However, we do know that using nuclear weapons would trigger an escalation of force that NATO couldn't ignore.

Are these electromagnetic jammers one step closer to EMP weapons? We can only hope and pray that it's not. Check out this EMP Quiz to see if you are prepared.

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