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EMP Shield Review & Coupon Code

EMP Shield Review

The EMP Shield is a certified military-tested EMP protection device for your home, vehicle, or generator.  It is designed to protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system in the event of an Electromagnetic Pulse or lightning strike. According to one user, the Emp Shield saved their house from a lightning strike (see below) . See our EMP Shield Review and scroll to the end to find any active EMP Shield coupons.


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EMP Shield Review Table of Contents

EMP Shield Overview

The EMP Shield is designed to protect your electronics from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and lightning strikes. An EMP is a powerful burst of electromagnetic energy caused by an intense and quick acceleration of charged particles. The resulting energy produced then surges through any nearby conductive materials, destroying circuits and small wires along the way. More on EMP attacks here.

The EMP Shield is a certified military-tested device that gives EMP protection for your Home, Business, Apartment, Vehicle, ATV, Motorcycle, Boat, Generator, and more. The EMP Shield comes with a $25,000 warranty if they fail.  They were even listed by the Department of Homeland Security in their February 5th, 2019 EMP Resilience Report. 

EMP Shield Coupon code

EMP Shield Positive Reviews

"Awesome product. Saved our house when it was hit with lightening."

"Install was not hard at all. Does not run down battery to cause any issue from what I’ve seen. Vehicle I installed it on sat idle for a full week and cranked right up per usual."

"It’s pretty easy to install, I did have a couple of questions and the girl that answered the call at the company was knowledgeable and helped me out."

"Install took less than 15 min, pretty straight forward. Wires are very high quality. No problems with the electrical system in the vehicle past 2 months after install."

"Generator ran 3 weeks after hurricane Ida , I had no electrical issues when we lost utility power or when the power come back on. Several people reported appliances damaged from the switching of power from the utility. I had no issues."

"This product has saved our appliances and lively hood here at home. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever need this type of protection in order to live peacefully and safely. It has already been tested by my surroundings. I can here it kick on and protect the power surges affecting my home."

"The 23 year licensed electrician who installed this has previously installed cheaper made brands for past rich and famous clients. He said these are the best ones he's installed, to date."

"It’s super easy to install. Hardest part was finding a spot. Wish the wires were another foot or so longer. It’s basically a $350 insurance policy."

"This was super easy to install. I highly rec you have an electrician do it but if you are handy, turn OFF the power, wrap your screwdriver in electrical tape and I did this one myself. great peace of mind. I watched a few videos of install online which helped as well."


EMP Shield Negative Reviews

"The LED did not light. I had an electrician check that it is wired in correctly. I asked the question on website and answer was, "Not Connected Right." Very helpful? So I have no choice but to return the item."

"This line of products is touted as being made in the USA- presumably for USA installation; yet the smooth, round receptacle where the wires emerge from the device has an outside diameter that does NOT match the standard electrical connector/ conduit / coupling sizes of 3/4 in. or 1 in."

"Do not like the separate I indicator lights monitor"

"I won’t know if it works until I get hit with either a High Altitude EMP, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), or lightning strike."


EMP Shield Review Summary

Overall great reviews of the customer service and company.

Overall consensus that the EMP Shield is easy to install.

Several reviews of the EMP Shield actually protecting their electronics in storms and lightning strikes.

Comes with a $25,000 warranty and is military certified tested with proof of testing from a reputable source backed by the U.S government.

Many negative reviews came from people that haven't even purchased the product and believe the EMP Shield is fake. 

There were quite a few consumers that had a hard time installing the EMP Shields for your home.

A large portion of the poorly rated reviews came from people that had late shipping.


EMP Shield Coupon Codes & Discounts

Best Current EMP Shield Discount

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EMP Shield Bundles

EMP Shield fake
EMP Shield scam

More EMP Shield Reviews

"I bought this EMP shield to protect my home from a potential EMP attack. I was worried about the possibility of a solar flare or EMP bomb knocking out my electronics, so I wanted to take every precaution. I installed the EMP shield myself, and it was very easy to do. The instructions were clear, and the shield itself is very well-made. I feel much more confident that my home is protected now."

"I live in an area that is prone to power outages, so I decided to buy an EMP shield to protect my electronics. I'm so glad I did! The EMP shield worked perfectly during the last power outage. My electronics were all safe and sound. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is concerned about EMPs."


"I bought this EMP shield for my business. I have a lot of expensive equipment, and I wanted to make sure it was protected from EMPs. The EMP shield is very well-made, and it was easy to install. I feel much more confident that my equipment is protected now."

EMP Shield Reviews last updated 11/10/2023

Written by 5 Min Review Team

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