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EMP Shield Coupon

While the situation in Ukraine escalates so quickly, people have become more interested in how to survive an EMP attack. A proven solution for surviving an EMP attack is the military tested EMP Shield, which was listed by the Department of Homeland Security in their February 2019 Resilience Report.

You can now get the EMP Shield and save money with our EMP Shield Discount Code: save100: Take advantage of the site wide discount ends soon! Save $50+ on each EMP Shield.

EMP Shield Coupon Code 


$50 when you buy 1

$100-$150 when you buy 2-3

$200-$350 when you buy 4-7

$400+ when you buy 8 +

Up to $100 off each device with the EMP Shield Christmas & New Years sale

emp shield coupon code

Click to copy code

How to Use your EMP Shield Coupon

1. Click the "Copy Code" button

  • This will automatically apply the code and bring you to

2. Click the "Shop" button


  • Here is where you will find which EMP Shields you need (see below in yellow).

3. Double check the code


  • Make sure that the coupon code: 5minreview is applied in the blue-circled area as seen in the example below.

4. Click "Proceed to Checkout"


  • Enjoy your savings!

EMP Shield coupon code.PNG

EMP Shield Bundles

EMP coupon
EMP Shield coupon

Featured EMP Shield Review

"This product has saved our appliances and lively hood here at home. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever need this type of protection in order to live peacefully and safely. It has already been tested by my surroundings. I can here it kick on and protect the power surges affecting my home."

About EMP Shield

  • You can learn more about how the company got started and what an EMP Shield is at their ABOUT US page.

  • Have a question? Maybe their FAQ page can help.

  • Want to see the EMP Shield warranty? Check it out here.

  • You can see the military certified testing at their TESTING page.

  • Have a question on how to install or which product is right for you? Go to their CONTACT US page

  • Learn what will work after an EMP attack on our ARTICLES page.

EMP Shield is a Veteran Owned company that is located in Burlington Kansas.


All of their products are 100% American made.

EMP Shield discount

You Might Not Want To Wait...

You may think you have all the time in the world to buy, but did you know there are major chip shortages because of the COVID pandemic. Precious metal prices like Nickel are shooting through the roof because of the global conflicts!


We don't know if prices are going to skyrocket or if there are enough supplies to keep up with the demand for EMP Shields.


It's certain that EMP Shields are in stock today and the prices will remain the same, but we don't know what will happen tomorrow or next week! Not to mention how quickly a dangerous situation can happen with Russia or North Korea.

EMP Shield code
EMP Shield coupon code

We Need Your Help

Has one of our coupon codes expired or free products no longer free? Do you know of any other coupon codes or freebies that you don't see listed? Please let us know over at our CONTACT US page. Thanks!

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