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Russian Citizens Trying to See What's Really Happening in the War by Using VPN's

Russia VPN

Russia is known for controlling what the public can see regarding news. Similar to China and North Korea, they want to control what their people see and don't see. Most of the Russian citizens don't know what is actually happening in the war, so they are downloading VPN's to bypass the government's internet restrictions.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that encrypts your internet traffic and disguises your online identity. Simply put, if you are in Russia, you can easily download a VPN, then tell it to disguise your identity as if you are from the U.S. The VPN then disguises your connection and can then bypass many country restrictions so they can view any news source.

Many people use them to access YouTube videos, movies, and TV Shows that are blocked in their countries. VPN's have several uses and are becoming more and more popular.

According to Aljazeera "More than 1,000 internet sites have been restricted by Russian authorities – including Facebook, Instagram, and BBC News." This has led to hundreds of thousands of users downloading VPN's so they can find out what the rest of the world knows about the war.

Russia knows about this and are working on blocking them, according to The Moscow Times.

Some of the headlines the Russian citizens can now see are those of rape, civilian targeting, and more. According to the BBC, Russian soldiers shot a civilian woman's husband then raped her three times. They told her that they would harm her son if she resisted them. Once they were finished, they burned down her house and killed their dogs.

According to the New York Times there have been more than 953 civilians killed in the war since Russia invaded. Their article reveals where the civilian deaths occurred and provide you with real caught in the action photos and videos. The Russians with VPN's can now access the proof they need to see the war from another angle.

This is just two of many stories that Russian citizens are now able to see.

Russia is now warning the world of a potential for World War Three. They have nuclear weapons that can reach anywhere in the world. Read this article on Russia Warns of Nuclear War to find out how far and how fast their nuclear warheads can go.

Leave a comment if you have used a VPN in a restricted country and how easy it was to bypass the restrictions. Let us know other reasons to use a VPN and how it can help bring freedom to those that seek it.

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