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Creepy Old White Man Asia Poster

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Old asia man

Here we go with another funny wall poster. This time we have the creepy white old Asia man decal. I'd say he's more middle aged, but that doesn't matter. These reviews on how they used him will leave you in stiches! Check them out below!

Creepy Old White Asia Man Poster Reviews

old aisan man funny

"Purchased this for my friend's bathroom and he hid it behind his towel rack. This was set up perfectly, as when his girlfriend did the laundry she was given quite a fright when she saw this nice gentleman staring back at her. Then afterwards his son went to use the bathroom and keeps asking "why is there an asian man staring at me while i pee"

old asian man review

"We put him on the door to our office and greets everyone who roams the hallways. Great conversation starter and he brightens the day when you look at him and you know he just says, "you got this bud!" I got the 36" x 27" version and if you're going for life size, I'd say this is the size to get."

old Asia man funny review

"He keeps me company at night. I cherish the dull, life-sucking force of his eyes. He is truly the only thing keeping me going through finals at this point. 11/10 would recommend."

creepy old white man asia

"He runs a tight ship in our house haven't had to discipline the kids in months."

funny old asia man amazon review

"I thought I would love this Asia Old Man. However, once I put it on my wall, I started to get screamed at for not being a doctor yet."

Purchase the Asia Old Man Wall Decal Here

Click the button below to purchase the Wallmonkeys Creepy White Asia Old Man Wall Decal Peel and Stick Graphic (36 in H x 27 in W). According to the reviews, this size seems to be the best.

creepy old white man asia

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