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EMP Shield

Updated: Apr 3

Do you ever think about what the future will look like? One way to get a glimpse is to look at the past. There are conflicts every year that result in thousands of deaths. Looking at the history books and what I have seen in my lifetime we can be confident that we will always have war.

We can also see that our weapons and technology has greatly surpassed what we had in the past. The invention of nuclear weapons has been a huge leap in regards to destruction capabilities. Nuclear weapons not only has the potential to directly kill a lot of people, but indirectly from the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) they cause. Which leads me to the EMP Shield...

What is an EMP Shield?

An EMP Shield is an over-voltage shunting device that you can connect to a power grid in your home, vehicle, or generator. The EMP Shield protects against lighting, solar flares, and electromagnetic pulse. It exceeds the military specifications MIL-STD-188-125-1.

The primary purpose is to shield your electronics against EMP's cause by nuclear weapons or other EMP devices. An EMP is a powerful burst of electromagnetic energy caused by an intense and quick acceleration of charged particles. The resulting energy produced then surges through any nearby conductive materials, destroying circuits and small wires along the way. Learn more about EMP's here. Take this EMP quiz to see if you are protected.

​What can I use the EMP Shield for?

EMP Shields can be used to protect your home, apartment, vehicle, ATV, tractor, boat, generator, solar equipment, and radio equipment. It is designed to protect any electronics plugged into the power grid that is connected to the EMP Shield.

The EMP Shield company designed their product to be used with just about any device. It is similar to a surge protector, but is much more powerful and has to be hardwired in. It will shunt electricity from the electrical system in less than 500 trillionths of a second. This is fast enough so save all the small wires and circuits in our everyday electronics.

How to Install an EMP Shield

The EMP Shield can be easily installed by someone with general DIY electrical experience. Depending on which model you get, they have three or four wires to connect to your power grid. For example the vehicle EMP Shield has a positive, negative, and ground wire.

You would connect the red wire to the positive battery terminal, black wire to the negative battery terminal, and the green wire to the chassis somewhere. It is a fairly simple procedure. You can go to the company website to see all of their Installation Manuals or you can watch the videos below.

Home EMP Shield Installation

Vehicle EMP Shield Installation

ATV EMP Shield Installation

Does the EMP Shield work?

The EMP Shield does in fact work. It has been tested by Keystone Compliance and Intertek and surpassed all military testing requirements. It was tested in a lab and was able to withstand an EMP 5 times. The EMP Shield is surpasses the following military standards: MIL-STD-461-RS105; MIL-STD-188-125-1; MIL-STD-461G; MIL-STD-461-CS-115; MIL-STD-461-CS116; MIL-STD-461 CS117; and MIL-STD-464C.

There hasn't been an actual electromagnetic pulse that consumers can test, but there have been a few reviews that state their electronics have been saved from lightning strikes. See our EMP Shield review page to see reviews like this:

"Awesome product. Saved our house when it was hit with lightening."

Where can I buy an EMP Shield?

You can buy the EMP protection device right on their main EMP Shield website. They have fast shipping and come with a $25,000 warranty if it fails. You can also get a discount on any device you purchase with our special coupon. Go to our EMP Shield Coupon page to find the best and latest discount.

EMP protection device

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