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Atomic Bullet Shield Review

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Atomic Bullet sheild

When it comes to personal protection and safety equipment, quality is paramount. That's why I am excited to share my new find of Atomic Defense, a company that specializes in top-of-the-line tactical gear and personal protection products. In this review, I will be highlighting the company's innovative Atomic Bullet Shield, AKA bulletproof blanket. This is the best comparable to the infamous as-seen-on-tv Bullet Shield that has been discontinued.

The Atomic bullet shield, bulletproof blanket made by Atomic Defense is highly maneuverable due to its foldable and flexible properties, which can be used in a variety of tactical situations. Ballistic blankets are great for shielding vehicles, VIP protection, or covering walls, windows, doors, etc. These blankets also fold for easy storage in a car or closet.

The heavy-duty bulletproof blankets available through Atomic Defense are a compact, protective ballistic solution for anyone. These blankets are made from high-performance soft ballistic material and offer NIJ IIIA Bulletproofing and MIL-SPEC Fragmentation defense.

Atomic Bullet Shield Specs

  • Industry-leading features: Lightweight build, durable UHMWPE material, water resistance, quick-release buckles, and multi-directional grab handles.

  • Ballistic resistance: NIJ Level IIIA. Capable of stopping .44 Magnum, 9mm, 12-gauge shotgun slugs, .40 cal, 45 ACP/Auto, .357 SIG, and other similar rounds.

  • Testing procedures: Blankets are tested above NIJ standards with at least six rounds from .44 magnum and .357 SIG rounds.

  • Sizes: 2' by 5' and 4' by 5' option

  • Weights: 2' by 5' is 12 pounds and the 4' by 5' is 23 pounds

  • Ballistic Material: PEAD™ UHMWPE

  • Complies with: NIJ-STD-0101.06

Atomic Bullet Shield Reviews

atomic defense bullet blanket

"It’s not often today that you find a product as described and truly experience a seamless transaction. From the product description to the door step delivery this was one of the simplest fulfilling purchases made. I highly recommend their services."

atomic bullet shield

"Handle is cross stitched and holds well. Material is smooth and doesn't puncture easily. In testing the product took many rounds before giving way with 5.56, which its not rated for btw. Mileage may vary since mine was at a slight angle for the 5.56."

atomic defense bullet shield

"I got a custom size to fit over my windshield for work. Does just that. Lead time was 3 weeks since it was custom."

According to the specs and customer reviews the Atomic bullet shield blanket is a top of the line product. You can search for other cheaper versions from China on Amazon here, but do you really want that kind of quality for something as important as this?

Atomic Defense normally sells the the U.S government, but has opened it's doors to the public., so this is the best place if you are looking for high-quality tactical gear and personal protection products. And now, you can get even more value with our Atomic Defense coupon code.

Atomic Defense provides the best Body Armor and Tactical Gear for Civilians, Military, and First-responders to help keep you safe. Save over 50% on select helmets plus an additional $$ off with Atomic Defense Coupon Code. Simply click the button below and then type in BING-A-HELM20 at checkout.

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