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DaVinci Resolve Review

DaVinci Resolve is rated the #1 best free video editing software

DaVinci Resolve 17 Review

DaVinci Resolve Review Table of Contents

DaVinci Resolve Overview

DaVinci Resolve is a video editing software that is comparable to Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Final Cut Pro X, IMovie, Filmora, Blender, Windows Movie Maker, and Vegas Pro. 


DaVinci Resolve Pros

"The best tool I've found for color correction and color grading."

"The capabilities are comparable to Final Cut and Premiere, and the color-grading is next level. The best part is that all of this comes with the free version."

"As an audio engineer firstly, I really appreciate having access to my tools for mixing audio and editing tracks."

"This application is easy to understand and every step that is done while editing has it own dedicated tab like cut, importing footage, color etc. which makes it really easy and every tool related to that step changes as you go to the next step."

"The free tier is surprisingly full-featured and allows users to truly test whether Resolve will meet their needs."

"Fastest video editor with high-end results."

"Finally, I have a program that I can perform all of my video content creation tasks without having to bounce between multiple programs and paying a massive subscription."

"The best part of Da Vinci resolve is it provides the Adobe Premier Pro like features for absolutely free. It is best for people you are just started with content creation."


DaVinci Resolve Cons

"My current computer isn't super powerful. And that's a problem for Resolve apparently. So I have to borrow a friend's gaming laptop for editing until I can save up enough to get something similar."

"The chroma key feature works well. If there weren't so many enraging bugs, this could easily be a 5 star."

"I've noticed that the software requires a lot of computer resources (memory and CPU). Editing a small video of 5 minutes required 2,5 GB of RAM."

"The software can be unstable and unusable on lower-end computers."

"While the capabilities of the software are vast, learning how to use it is not very intuitive. This is not a software for beginners."

"It's not very stable, sometimes it crashes and you lose the progress."

"It is missing a few important features, it is good for basic video editing, however for anything more than basic it is lacking the capacity to do complicated special effects or transitions."


DaVinci Resolve Summary

 Majority of reviews state DaVinci Resolve 17 is the best free video editing software on the market.

Good audio editing features to mix and edit tracts.

Color correction and color grading is rated above average.

Great software for beginners to test out that is comparable to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Many users complain that their are bugs in the system and can crash the program.

Although you can test it out for free, many people say it's not very easy to understand so it's not ideal for beginners.

Although it has many capabilities, several reviews state that its missing special effect features.


DaVinci Resolve Discounts

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