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Adobe Premiere Pro Review

Adobe Premiere Pro is the #1 best selling video editing software on the market today.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Review Table of Contents

Adobe Premiere Pro Overview

Adobe Premiere Pro is rated the #1 best video editing software for both beginners and professionals. It has 4.5 of 5 stars from 1231 reviews on Adobe is a well established company with many different highly rated products. Read below to see the best and worst reviews and see the best Adobe Premiere Pro Discount.


Adobe Premiere Pro Pros

I have personally used Adobe Premiere Pro for over a decade. I use it to edit personal videos and also create videos for our on-line company advertising. It is considered the 'de-facto' standard for good reason - if it can't be done in Adobe Premiere Pro, it probably can't be done.

Adobe Premiere Pro seamlessly integrates both the Mac OS and Windows OS user experience. Allowing editors to jump back and forth between platforms effortlessly. This helps increase productivity in a rapid production environment. 

Nesting allows me to create mini sequences within my sequence, which makes it easier for me to edit on a micro-level and then place the overall larger project together.

As a staff and organization almost all of our video editing is done in house with Adobe Premiere Pro. We use this for Full service videos, promotional videos, music videos, and announcements, basically anything we want to communicate or promote through video is edited with Premiere Pro.

It is an easy software to use, and integrates well with other Adobe products.

We use Premiere Pro for commercials, trailers, sizzles, many types of videos for many clients. It is fast, efficient and great to share with other coworkers and manage workflow.

The "Speed Duration" feature was pretty cool, it makes slow motion videos look like they were done in a Hollywood studio:-)

First of all, everything is customizable, which to edit videos is great, since you don't need to use external programs for many things. It also has a varied library of effects, and as far as I use it, everything can be done in this software.

Another good thing is the timeline which is not limited to just the number of additions but you can scale it and add as many objects(Videos, images, and audios) in the timeline.


Adobe Premiere Pro Cons

It's fine. Industry standard for video editing, but a bit clunky.

While it was intuitive, the platform had an internal processing error, and the video that was edited together after many hours was lost, and the file saved had no sequencing (aka no record of the edits, it was a 00:00 video).

IT IS NOT BEGINNER-FRIENDLY. I would say this application is definitely for persons who already have experience with video editing and are familiar with the jargon, symbols etc of the field.

Still crashing and having a lot of bugs in most versions.

the thing that I didn't like, the software use a lot of device resources. sometimes it crashes without reason that's why to make sure to enable autosave.

We can only buy Premiere Pro if we pay the subscription to the Adobe suite, so if we only want to use a video editor, it can be expensive and not suitable for all budgets.

The worst of adobe premire pro is the animation tools. Is very hard to use.

When you're new into this software, you might find it difficult to work with, due to the vast variety of options, customizable features, predetermined transitions and effects, and even the interface design might confuse you at first. 


Adobe Premiere Pro Summary

Rated # 1 best software video editing software.

Useful for both beginners and professionals.

Adobe is a well-established company with many other high quality products you can use with Premiere Pro

We personally use Premiere Pro and know that it is a very powerful and useful tool for video editing.

Some people find it hard to use if they have never used video editing software before.

The software is very powerful and uses many resources so it can crash if you have several programs open at a time. It does have auto save function that saves every few minutes. 


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