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Survival Tabs Review

The Survival Tabs company produces emergency food tablets that are designed to keep you alive if you don't have anything to eat except the tablets for up to 6 months.


Based on our own experience and many reviews from people all over the USA, we created this Survival Tabs Review so you can decide if you want to test them out for yourself before TSHTF.

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Survival Tabs Review Table of Contents

Survival Tabs Overview

What are Survival Tabs?

Survival tabs are an emergency food supply designed by the early U.S. space program. They are chewable survival pills that can sustain a human for an extended period of time without consuming any other food. Survival tabs can be used as a dietary aid, emergency food source, or a food supplement when you are on the go. 

Survival Tab Highlights

  • Emergency Food tablets contain all the nutrients needed to survive for at least 6 months (with enough supply).

  • Its compact design makes it the most compact survival food on the market today.

  • Each pouch will sustain an average-sized person for 10 days. 

  • Comes in a variety of flavors.

  • We tried them and they're not only suitable for survival food but also for everyday meal replacement as well.

survival tablet review
survival pill review

Survival Tabs Pros

 "if this keeps 25 years - works for me. I tried some - and they taste really good."

"I have not tried these tablets yet, but I love everything about them so far: neatly packed, easily portable, excellent comfort flavor options & super fast shipping. 👍👍"

"I love the product and this seller! It was said to arrive before May 7 but, in late April, I received a free 48 hour packet(4 flavors with formal wrapping) and a sincere letter apologizing for the potentially late delivery. Both my friend and I tried some right away and we both think it tastes really good!"

"Cannot tell you how happy we are to discover this product. My mother has Alzheimers and has stopped eating solid food, the only thing she accepts is milk and we stir in a tablet... Unfortunately my mother will not accept Ensure or Boost or anything like that but the Survival tablet stirred into the milk works fantastic,"

"They taste great. Read the directions for them and take properly. These will help you get through the day if hiking, out camping, stuck on the side of the road or something. They are a great snack as you are walking and gives you just a little bit more energy." 

"I like them and so does my daughter. They do have a slight dry milk taste, but the flavors mostly cover that. I tried eating just them a couple of days at work. They took the edge off of my hunger. I think they would work great in a survival situation and will keep you satisfied and not feeling hungry all day."

"I was surprised at how good they are. They're sweet, a bit chalky, and have a very unique flavor almost like Ovaltine. One tab was enough to satiate me if I was hungry." 

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Survival Tabs Cons

"These are okay. The best flavor is the Chocolate, then the strawberry, then vanilla and the butterscotch is just nasty! Okay size but will need water to eat. Very chalky and dry. I guess in a survival setting if it was all I had, they would work but a bit expensive for the amount you get."

"If they would beef up the favor a bit mite pass as a food ? taste is soo light and the chalky film left in your teeth is annoying , i was eating these to taste test after skipping meals , only with coffee they seem to go with"

"Chocolate and strawberry are everyone's best picks in my house. The vanilla malt doesn't taste like vanilla or malt. The butterscotch you could maybe hallucinate a little butterscotch flavor but not the best. It's a tablet like the rest not a square like on the picture."

"They are pretty tasty, a lil chalky, but edible, they kinda taste like MRE dairy shakes, not bad, easy to eat."


Survival Tabs Summary

Overall great reviews of the potential of being able to survive on pills alone.

The compactness of the product is by far the best in regard to food storage.

Several reviews of fast shipping and excellent custtomer service.

We have personally purchased this item and the reviews don't lie. We also, give it a 5 star review.

There are conflicting reviews of the taste of the product. Chocolate and strawberry seems to be the favorate.

Many people are skeptical that it will be enough food to survive. 


Survival Tabs Discounts

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Survival Tabs Comparison Review

Looking at the Survival Tabs comparison review, they are cheaper, lighter, dietary friendly, and have more nutrients than any of the leading and non-leading emergency food suppliers on the market today. 

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Updated 11/10/2023
Author 5 Min Review Team

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