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Lion Energy Solar Panel

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Lion Energy Solar Panel Coupon

If you purchased a solar generator or just want something to charge your extra batteries, you probably need a renewable energy source like the Lion Energy solar panel. Lion Energy has three different options to choose from, the 24V, 12V, and the 20W USB version.

Lion Energy has some of the best solar generators and batteries on the market. They have the most power and output as well as the best warranty. Most people that purchase a generator or battery want to be able to charge them with the sun's energy in addition to a wall outlet.

Each panel is made of high quality Monocrystalline Silicon with photovoltaic cells. They are made with an anti-corrosive aluminum housing and have air tight tempered glass to enclose the cells. The larger panels are foldable to make for easy storage as well.

Lion Energy Solar Panel Highlights

Easy to Carry

The 100W panels come with a carrying handle and are foldable for easy storage and transport.


Quick Connections


Easy to Use

Good for the Environment


Good Price

Lion Energy Solar Panels

Lion Energy Solar Panel Comparison Table

Take a look at the Lion Energy solar panel comparison table to see which one will work best for you. The price is the same for the 12V and 24V option. The Lion Go 20 is more suited towards those that want to recharge phones, tablets, and anything with a USB cable. Most people opt for the 12V or 24V to power their solar generator or batteries.


Weight (lbs)




Dimensions (folded & unfolded)


26.5x40x1 & 26.5x20x1

26.5x40x1 & 26.5x20x1

Rated Power


100W/18V @5.56A


Panel Type




Life Cycles


20 Years

20 Years

Max Volt Output

2x 5Vx4A @ 8A max (USB)




1 Year

1 Year

1 Year





Note*** If you use the solar panel coupon code: IO the 15% off price for the 100W Lion Energy solar panel will be $255.

Need a silent, but deadly solar generator? Check out the Lion Energy Safari ME.

For more information, see our Lion Energy Review page or contact their customer support at (385) 375 - 8191.

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