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Lion Energy Coupon Code & Review

Lion Energy distributes high quality lithium batteries, solar panels, generators and other solar energy products. We give you a rundown of some of the best and worst reviews so you can decide if Lion energy is a reliable brand. If you decide they are up to par, we give you a Lion Energy coupon to give you 15% off everything in their store.

Lion Energy Review

Lion Energy Review Table of Contents

Lion Energy Overview

Lion Energy specializes in premium lithium batteries, recreational and emergency solar panels, solar generators, and other renewable energy products. See some of the various products they sell below.

Lion Energy Emergency Preparedness Kit Coupon
Lion Energy Safari Coupon
Lion Cub JC

Lion Energy Pros

"The Lion Safari UT 250 Lithium Battery by Lion Energy is compact in size, weighs just over 5 pounds and can hold a storing charge for up to 2 years! The UT 250 is virtually maintenance free and since it is a Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery it is safer and has more life cycles than lead acid batteries. After the initial setup with the Lion Energy 100W Solar Panel Kit and on a very sunny day in Texas, my UT 250 was fully charged in 7 hours! I will be using this in my ‘she shed'. I have no electrical power to my shed and last evening I powered a 60W light bulb, my laptop and charged my cell phone!! Wow! The price, the seven year warranty, the size, the power, longevity, maintenance free and again, the price, I highly recommend! I plan to add more Lion Energy products to my off the grid shed!"

"This Lion Foldable Solar Panel is amazing. It's just the right size to place at a campsite or in the backyard. It has foldable legs so you can capture the sun's power. It folds in half and has locking snaps so it won't fall open accidentally. It comes with a power cord. I love using it to power my Lion generator and it gives me a good feeling to not have to use my electricity. It is a 100W 12V power source. It's dimensions folded are 26.5 x 20 x 2 and fully open it is 26.5 x 40 x 1. It has monocrystalline type cells with a max volt output of 18 volts. It can also expand by linking up to 4 together. It weighs 20 lbs. and comes with a 1 year warranty. It has a rust proof aluminum enclosure so it can endure everyday life without damage. It also has 6 foot Anderson cord connections. This solar panel is well made and convenient to use with quick set up and storage. A great value for great peace of mind."

"I use this with the Lion 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel and it charges up nicely. You can also charge it from the wall. The Safari LT has two 120 volt outlets to plug-in appliances. It also features multiple USB and 12-volt output ports, great for plugging in any device you may have. The Lion Energy Safari LT provides up to 500 watts AC power for portable means. We live in Florida where power outages are a regular thing. This is a must-have for emergencies like storms and hurricanes. . It comes with 2 AC outputs, 4 USB outputs, or the 12V outputs. The display makes it easy to determine how much power is available to charge your phone, computers, lights, and more. We plugged in a lamp and cell phone and both worked well. It only weighs about 11 pounds so easily transported. I am impressed! I would take this on camping trips and anywhere power may not be available."

"The ordering process was simple, the Lion agent, Christian, who helped me was extremely knowledgeable and made the whole process a piece of cake. The battery came quickly and installation was simple. I love my new battery!"

"The Lion Cub GO 20 watt solar panel works great. It recharges my Lion Cub GO power unit faster than any competitor and works directly with USB devices. My phone and my tablet charged in no time. It is light weight and sturdy, it even looks nice! Just make sure you have it under perfect sunlight for great results."


"We have been off the grid for several weeks in May and June. Here are the reasons that I can highly recommend them: 1) They are the same size as my old lead acid batteries, so they fit in the stairwell compartment in my Class C motorhome. 2) We have never had voltage drops when a load is put on them. 3) My solar panels recharge them in short order, even in scattered sunlight. 4) Never have to add water. I had to add water weekly to my old batteries. What a pain. I have nothing but good things to say about these batteries."

Lion Energy Cons

"Cheap connecetion pins, need to stay with the standard pins or something better, these snap on connection pins are to delicate and breaks at some piont of pressure."

"AC port worked for 2 minutes and then quit and was never able to turn on again. Also during the initial charge when I received this, the screen locked up several times and I'd have to unplug the charger and reconnect it to get it to start charging again. This one was defective from the start and I would be cautious of quality if i were you."

"I do not like this devise. It took so, so long to charge up enough to even charge my cell phone. I would not even buy it. It is really hard to even get it to come on. You have to hold the power button for a long time. I would say almost a minute."

"This portable rechargeable power unit is pretty heavy, too heavy for senior ladies. I finally figured out how to charge it using a 120v AC wall outlet. It required the use of two of it's included cords. It did charge my cell phone, but didn't have enough power to run a 12v DC 22GPH water pump. That was the main reason I wanted to try this unit from the start. It would work nicely for camping, charging lamps and running a small portable cooler. Young families who do a lot of camping would find this item useful."

"Maybe it's a good product but I couldn't understand how it works. No accompanying User's Manual made it more difficult. I live in Florida so there's no shortage of sunlight. I tried to charge my phone using the solar panel but got no indication on my iPhone that it was charging. It looks pretty straightforward, a solar panel and a cable. But I couldn't fathom how to use it."


Lion Energy Summary

Overall great reviews of the customer service and company.

Overall consensus that the products work well and are above average in quality.

Mostly 4 and 5 star reviews across many different websites that sell Lion Energy products.

We personally tested and reviewed the Lion Cub JC and found that it worked great. We loved that it came with an air compressor.

The majority of the negative reviews appear to be because of misuse, one-off defective products, or issues with small parts.

There were some negative reviews where people thought they bought a large enough power bank or generator, but found out it wasn't as gig as they they needed.


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