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🚨How to Survive a Nuclear EMP Attack: 6 Tips Everyone Must Know.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

There's no doubt that a Nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack (NEMP) would have very dangerous consequences on our lives. Once we survive the initial detonation blast, chances that our electrical components (car systems, computers, cellphones, city lights, power plants) would be destroyed or greatly affected.

Most EMP attacks come from one of three sources: nuclear explosions, EMP bombs, and intense solar events.

EMP attacks could force whole countries to live without any kind of a power source for potentially years at a time.

Learning how to survive a Nuclear EMP attack isn’t quite like other scenarios.

In most cases, the attack itself would cause huge losses of life. And the aftermath of a Nuclear EMP blast that you should prepare for.

In this post, we will tell you what you need to know to protect yourself, your family, and your electronics in the event on an electromagnetic pulse attack caused by a Nuclear detonation.

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1. Get prepared to live with Electricity-Free Tools

If you want to survive a Nuclear EMP attack, you need to start by thinking about what your life would be like if you didn’t have access to major electronic tools and gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, GPS and so on.

This means understanding how to use hand-powered tools and creating your own little world.

In terms of lighting, think way beyond those chemical sticks that only last for about 24 hours. If an EMP attack comes, you’ll be without power for months, potentially even years.

Invest in candles, learn how to start a fire from scratch, and even start teaching yourself how to use classic oil lamps.

2. Get a Faraday Cage

This is a type of box, cage or bag designed to protect your larger electronics from EMP attacks.

You can make your own, often from an old metal garbage can or even a microwave oven.

The steps are very easy:

  1. Wrap up the box in aluminum foil, ensuring that everything is completely covered.

  2. Tape down your seams, and line the inside of the box with cardboard.

  3. You can insert any electronic items inside of it, seal it up, and hope for the best.

If you want to protect just your small gadgets, you can buy them pre-made:

3. Invest in lasting Food Supplies

Your food production and stockpile should be your number one place on your EMP preparedness checklist.

While prepping canned goods and storing things like oil and flour are smart steps, you need to consider the possibility that one day, your supplies might run out.

This means that you might consider picking up some seeds and storing them in a vault or case.

While you can invest in pre-made meal kits or MREs, the truth is that you’ll get much more nutritional value out of growing your own food. And because bartering could be a method of survival, it’s good to have something as valuable as food on hand.

You might as well consider buying water filters and stock them since they last about 1 month for each pack.

4. Lighting

Chemical light sticks are a good non-electric light source, but what about something with a longer burn time? Candles are EMP-proof, but they are vulnerable to the wind. This is where oil lamps come into play, our favorite being the lightweight Dietz Original lamp.

This classic lamp works indoors and outdoors, through wind and rain. The little lamp’s eight-ounce fuel capacity gives you an 11-hour burn time. The lamps cost about $33 each and operate on an average of 5 cents worth of lamp oil per hour.

5. Get Protection for Yourself and Your Family

You may want to stock also weapons and ammunition just in case, and train your family about how to use them in case of an intruder or an emergency situation.

You might need to go for hunting, after all this is a post nuclear apocalyptic scenario 🙃.

You must study and elaborate a strategic emergency plan — with things such as where your family will meet, who will grab what, and who's in charge of let's say food, medical kits, ammo etc.

Run this drill at least once a year in order to make sure everyone knows what to do.

6. Communication after the Nuclear Detonation

Another must-have in your Faraday cage is a stock of different communication devices such as:

  1. Cell phones

  2. CB Radios & walkie talkies

  3. Satelite phone

  4. Starlink type of internet connection system.


In conclusion, it’s important to understand one of the bold realities about EMP attacks: the fact that so much is unknown.

While this post can make you feel much more prepared about how to survive a NEMP attack, the truth is that we really don’t know what electronics will work and which ones won’t — and that will remain a challenge to us until an EMP attack happens.

Let's hope this post is just for informational only and we will never experience a real attack.

Stay Safe Everybody!

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