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Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook

Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding survival situations and food storage. We searched and found three of the best options for emergency food storage & survival handbooks.

Each book is written by a different specialist and can give you invaluable information on their own. However, they alone are not enough to cover most scenarios you may face. We recommend buying all three books to make sure you are prepared when you need it most.

This article is on food and survival handbooks that teach you how to get and store your own food, but it wouldn't be complete without the Survival Tabs. These survival tablets are easily storable, long-lasting, good tasting, and can sustain you for up to 6 months without any other food source. They are a must have in any scenario, even in your day-to-day living.

Even if you are not into storing up survival food you should consider this product. In our opinion, this is the best survival food you can buy. Want to know the pros and cons? Check out the Survival Tabs review to see the best and worst reviews.

The survival tabs emergency food storage

On to the emergency food storage & survival handbooks! These books give you all the information you need in order to survive in emergency situations. Each book has different things to help you find edible food, plants and herbs for medical situations, home safety and protection, food storage, and much more.

All three books combined are just over $120 with shipping. The amount of knowledge you will get and money you will save from their tips will return your investment 1,000 fold in emergency situations. Click on each button to get more information about them.

Learn how to get prepared for emergencies of all kinds for only 5 minutes per day. This book teaches you different survival hacks each day for 27 days. It gives you all-around education on emergencies, emergency preparedness, and survival situations.

5 minute survival blueprint
  • How To Store Water So It Lasts A Lifetime

  • How To Double Your Food Calories For Pennies Per Meal

  • How To Create A Truly Useful Disaster Fist Aid Kit

  • How To Be The First To Know When Disaster Strikes

  • How To Evacuate In 15 Minutes Or Less

  • How To Be Ready For 90% Of Disasters In About One Hour

  • Learn all about preparedness for water, food, first aid, sanitation, cooking, heating, evacuation, and much more.

The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies has 478 pages of 100 scientifically researched home remedies that can keep you safe in survival or emergency situations. If you are like me, going to the doctor is the least of my priorities. I try to fix myself, but if all else fails, then I go get help. This book can help you identify and treat many different symptoms you may be facing.

Home remedies survival book


  • Explains common misunderstandings and possible complications of conditions A-Z

  • Explains the symptoms and possible causes

  • Covers prevention techniques and natural remedies


  • Description and understanding of the plant to treat your condition

  • Learn how to grow and store the plants

  • Learn how to turn the plant into a remedy

Survival Recommendations

  • Get survival recommendations based on each condition

The Lost Super Foods book gives you instructions and tips on how to make food that can be stored for long periods of time and without being refrigerated. This book covers over 120 different survival foods and storage hacks to help ensure your survival in emergency situations. It will help you turn fear regarding food shortages into confidence that you can use to feed your family and help those around you!

survival food storage book
  • Learn how to make your own superfood that was developed during the cold war that will keep an adult fed for only $0.37 per day

  • Learn survival food techniques developed during the great depression

  • Understand how to get 295 pounds of extra food for just $5

  • Learn how to make bread from just about any tree bark you can find

  • Discover forgotten food storage techniques that kept people alive during crisis all throughout history

  • Two bonus books to help with growing your own food and to make your own medicine

These three Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbooks are meant to compliment each other. Each one are invaluable on their own, but when combined together there is no emergency or survival situations you can't handle.

Each book is written by a different specialist and is sold by a different company. Save this page so you can go back to click each button to purchase each book separately. With how the world is looking these days, you can't afford not to be prepared!

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