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Vitamin DNA Testing - See what your body actually needs!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Did you know that most vitamins you take don't actually get absorbed into your body???

With DNA testing, you can determine the best nutrients you need according to YOUR body!

Maybe you've heard about it on TV?

Autumn dna nutrient testing

Autumn DNA testing looks at 500+ health indicators to personalize a plan just for YOU, so you can Stop guessing about your health!

They test your DNA and personalize a vitamin supplement plan with 415+ billion possible combinations just for you.

Your body isn't like your friends and family, so why are you taking the same supplements as them?

Let Autumn Testing do the work to figure out what you need so you can live your healthiest life!

If you have already completed DNA testing such as 23andMe, then you can skip a step and get your results sooner!

Autumn dna vitamin testing

The Science

Your DNA can reveal a lot of information about your nutritional DNA and gene variants, which can help highlight certain deficiencies, vitamin levels, and how your body absorbs key vitamins and minerals. Everybody utilizes nutrients differently, which means that you and the person next to you can eat the same meal, but your body will not receive nutrients the same way. But only relying on nutrition for essential vitamins might leave you feeling a little off, especially when a healthy diet can only go so far.

That's when the Autumn DNA test kit comes in. Their testing is focused on your nutritional needs, which is why they only test 500 actionable SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that have been proven to impact nutrient needs or absorption, out of the full genome testing (which comprises 100,000+ points). Your health is a priority and you need to feel like your best self, every day of the year.

Autumn dna vitamins

Autumn dna nutrient testing review

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