Taiwan announced the incursion of 20+ Chinese military planes at the visit of Nancy Pelosi.

Taiwan announced the incursion of more than 20 Chinese military aircraft into its air defense zone on Tuesday as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi began a controversial visit to the island, which Beijing claims as its sovereignty, reports the France Presse agency, quoted by BBC.

"21 Chinese military aircraft entered the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ, wider than territorial airspace) in southwestern Taiwan on August 2, 2022," the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announced in a statement on Twitter.

China is trying to threaten ports and key cities, announcing military exercises around the island in the coming days, the ministry said at the same time, quoted by Reuters.

The Ministry of Defense states in the same statement that the exercises aim to psychologically intimidate Taiwanese citizens, adding that the armed forces have "reinforced" their level of vigilance, and the population should not be alarmed.

Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday despite Beijing's warnings, which considers this visit a serious challenge that risks further inflaming the already tense relations between China and the US,

BBC notes.

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