Is China Preparing to Invade Taiwan?

China Taiwan Conflict
Representative Image by IShootPhotosLLC

Is China going to invade Taiwan? According to CNN, U.S Intelligence suggests that China is actively preparing to take over Taiwan by military force. If they can't do it in a peaceful way, they are prepared to take it by force.

China recently surrounded Taiwan with several warships. ANI news says they have " A total of 31 PLA aircraft sorties featuring H-6 bombers, J-11 and J-16 fighter jets, KJ-500 early warning aircraft, Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft, as well as Ka-28 anti-submarine warfare helicopters were spotted by Taiwan's defense authority during those days."

Watch the following video to see them in action.

An Article by CNN also mentions that Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier "said China was learning “some very interesting lessons” from the Ukraine war, including the need for effective military leadership, small unit tactics and training with appropriate weapons systems — as well as the necessity of a professional noncommissioned officer corps, which Russia lacks."

China may have lost some confidence after watching Russia's failed attempts at securing Ukraine quick and easy. Nonetheless, it appears as they will not be giving up on taking over Taiwan anytime soon.

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