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FTMO Challenge Reviews

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

FTMO Reviews and coupon code

Hello, I'm someone who has taken the FTMO Prop Firm Challenge six times and unfortunately failed to pass each time. Although it's been a frustrating experience, I want to share my thoughts on the challenge and why I believe I was not successful.

The FTMO Prop Firm Challenge is a tough evaluation that tests a trader's ability to manage risk and generate consistent profits. It consists of two stages, the evaluation and the verification, and each stage has strict rules and guidelines that must be followed.

During the evaluation stage, I had to trade a specified number of lots within a certain timeframe while adhering to the risk management rules. Although I believed I had a solid trading strategy and risk management plan in place, I found it challenging to execute consistently and meet the required profit targets. I found that when I started the challenge that I felt a lot of pressure and began to stray from my strategy. I would cut my profits short and let my SL get hit every time. Instead of cutting my losers quick and letting my profits run.

Despite my best efforts, I was not able to pass the evaluation stage and move on to the verification stage, which is where the real money is at. Looking back, I believe my emotions got in the way of my trading.

Here is proof that I took the challenge six times and how much it cost.


What are the FTMO Challenge Rules

In addition to the parameters below the FTMO Challenge rules are relatively easy to understand. They have an account stop loss if you lose more than the daily maximum or maximum loss. FTMO tries to accommodate all strategies so you can be successful with trading. All you have to do is not go below the maximum loss and trade a minimum of 10 days.


Take a look at these Trustpilot FTMO reviews from traders that passed the Challenge and have gotten paid.

FTMO Prop Firm Review

FTMO trading reviews

"I have been with FTMO for over a year and I finally got my profit split together with a full refund of the package fee. Phenomenal! Why did it take me so long? Not FTMO's fault but mine in not managing my trading and not having the right mindset.

FTMO makes you manage your money and trade in a sensible and professional way. The support is excellent and the whole process has been very seamless and transparent. I've tried others but none can match FTMO's platform for seeing how your trading is going and how well or badly you are doing."

FTMO reviews

"I began looking into prop firms when l acquired a mentor for trading in February 2022 been trading seriously for 1 year and decided to take the plunge with FTMO after taking on 2 free trials which l absolutely loved doing it provides you with an excellent feel of what a real challenge would be like and although l did not meet the profit targets FTMO cs emailed to say really good tings about my stye of trading which were invaluable to me if that were a real challenge l would of been offered a free retest. Moving on I 2023 l took an even bigger plunge and paid for a challenge after passing the evaluation stage l am now in the verification stage so taking my time with the 60 days provided. The analysis that FTMO provide are phenomenal and l am an absolute junkie on their YouTube channel for 'performance talks' 👏🏾 🙌🏾 this company wants to see you WIN even if you fail.

I did however try 1 other firm against my inner judgement and was bitterly disappointed FTMO are a professional outfit and 1 of the best prop firms all dependent on what you are looking for in the industry is it an established firm since 2014 or one of the plenitude of firms popping up within the last 2 years."

ftmo trading scam

"Honestly, I like FTMO they have a reliable trading platform which makes it easy for me to trade and perform at my best

I also like the fact they are trustworthy with their challenge this is motivating already to be part of the FTMO traders.

confirming that I have received the profit share + the fee.

thank you FTMO"

FTMO challenge

"I have been working with FTMO for almost 6 months. Best funding platform I tried, and yes they pay, the profits and the refund."

FTMO Scam review

"Amazing company that made trading qt scale available for anyone. If you don't have a strategy and here for quick win this is not the place for you. If you're confident trader who wants to scale up and enjoying the process of trading then FTMO is your place.

Passedy 10K and got paid 3 times with them no issues at all. Planning to scale up to 200K by end of the year"

ftmo challenge rules

"Multiple slippages of over 20 PIPS. 20 PIPS in 2023- bucket shop tactics.

For perspective, i experience a total of around 5k slippage on a 100k account.

Markets are tough enough don't you think?"

FTMO Review Conclusion

Most of the negative reviews don't seem valid. Take for example the bad 1 star review for the $100k FTMO account. They had slippage of over 20 pips. This is pretty common in between different market times. I have experienced this myself. I learned quickly not to trade during that time because it is easy to lose a lot of money. This happens across all firms, not just FTMO. Most of the other negative reviews appear to be people that are disgruntled because they lost.

I myself have lost 6 times trying the $50,000 account challenge. I spent over $2200 taking these challenges. I am not bitter and don't hold anything against FTMO. You have to take responsibility for your faults in life and be honest with yourself if you aren't good enough. The fact that I lost simply means that I am not ready yet.

One thing that is a little bothersome is the Ctrader online platform is no longer offered to clients in the U.S via FTMO. It wasn't FTMO's fault, but I wanted to mention it here since I really liked the platform.

Overall, I believe the FTMO Challenge and business model is respectable. They have good payouts and are a legitimate company to trade for if you are good enough. They also allow you to trade with what feels like real money so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars losing money while practicing with a $50k or $100k account.

While the FTMO Prop Firm Challenge can be a great opportunity for traders to access significant capital and grow their accounts, it's not an easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and a solid trading strategy to pass the evaluation and verification stages. If you're considering taking on the challenge, I would advise you to take your time, be patient, and practice sound risk management principles to improve your chances of success.

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