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Facelift Bungee Reviews

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

 Facelift Bungee Reviews

Welcome to our article on Facelift Bungee reviews, where we dive into the pros and cons of this popular beauty tool. If you're looking for an honest and comprehensive review of Facelift Bungee, or alternatives to facelift then you've come to the right place.

We searched through the positive and negative reviews of the Facelift Bungee and found the ones below to give you the best representation of the product. Scroll through these reviews to help you make your decision.

Positive Facelift Bungee Reviews

 Facelift Bungee scam

"I have been using the cosmesearch bands that stick onto the side of your face. Alhough they work, they are somewhat noticeable and have to be replaced frequently and slide down my head. So when I saw this, I thought it looked like a great idea. I love it! It clips easily into my my long thick hair and stays put. It nicely pulls my face and jowls so it looks normal and natural"

 Facelift Bungy Reviews

"It’s great product for temporary use. I agree with other about the headache but beauty is pain. However if you get a right placement headache can be avoid. I absolutely love it. I was thinking about temporal lift and this will work for now since I’m still very young. Only thing I wish it came in black since I have jet black hair. Also I don’t think anyone can DIY this without find the right material so might as well buy this."

 Facelift Bungee Review

"Wish the band was easier to hide. Other than that it really lifts the face"

tv facelift bungee

"This really works and easily takes away 10 years of sagging skin, BUT it’s PAINFUL. Every time I used it, I was left with a horrible headache and a sore scalp after 10 minutes of using it. I’d say use it only for a short period of time, like for a photoshoot or a quick meeting or so."

Negative Facelift Bungee Reviews

non surgical facelift

"The stretchy bands are too short to go all the way around my head. I think I was supposed to get 2 long & 1 short in both light & dark elastic. I got, instead: 2 short & 1 long light (which I need to use). I bought my own elastic and will attach those ridiculous fasteners to it. If I wasn't clever & crafty, I would have returned this."

alternative facelift

"I have a small head so it didn’t even grab on correctly or noticed any lifting. It looked the same as if I had nothing! On top of giving me a headache. I don’t recommend! Specially for the price!".

alternatives to facelift

"Couldn't really use it, it pulls your hair and I found it too uncomfortable to wear."

alternatives to facelift

We hope that this article has provided you with an informative review of Facelift Bungee. As with any beauty tool, it's important to do your own research and consult with a professional before trying it out. While Facelift Bungee may work well for some people, it may not be the right solution for everyone. It is one if the cheapest alternatives to facelift options though.

Ultimately, the decision to use Facelift Bungee or any other beauty tool is up to you. Thank you for reading, and we wish you the best of luck on your beauty journey! Click the button below to go to the Facelift Bungee page.

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